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Steve's Stumpgrinding Frequently Asked Questions

Does your machine go through a small gate? And can it cope with raised gardens?
Yes, most of the time we fit through a 850mm gap. Raised gardens are not a problem. Our machine can go up on walls about 1.5m high. We have had a crane put us up on apartment blocks at Mt Maunganui and have also done the Tauranga Hospital Roof Garden! You would be surprised where we can get!!

How big a stump can you grind?
No limit if it is cut low enough. We specialise in the awkward ones too!

Will I be left to clean up?
No, we clean up the site and leave it in a tidy and safe state

Can you supply topsoil and re-grass?
Yes, we do this for H.N.Z.

How soon can you do the job?
Usually straight away. Most of the times we are called out for a quote and we start the job there and then!

How close can you get to a wall or fence?
About 5-10mm, sometimes closer

Do I need to be home when you come?
No, we will close gates etc so livestock and pets are safe.

Can I plant in same area?
Yes, in most circumstances.

Is your grinder OK on lawn or will my lawn be ripped up?
Our machine has soft tyres and will not ruin your lawn. So gentle we even do golf corses!

Can you do the complete job for me? Or can you recommend people?
We work with local Bobcat Operators, Fencers, Cobble Stoners, Landscapers, Tree Services, etc. We only recommend the best to get the job done for you.

How much will it cost?
We give a price on the job, So you do not get a surprise on the invoice!

How can I pay?
Cash, cheque or Internet Banking.

Hours of Business:

Monday - Friday 7:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday on request

Contact Us

Phone: 07 552 6477
Fax: 07 552 6478
Mobile: 0275 808 624
Email: info@stevesstumpgrinding.co.nz
Address:       Steve's Stumpgrinding
56 Te Puna Road, RD6, TAURANGA